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Cleanship Solutions are compliance and retrofit specialists providing the industry's only truly end to end compliance solution...

The only retrofit engineering company offering the full spectrum of compliance

Engineering is the how, Cleanship Solutions has always been about the why...

And driving that why is one fundamental truth – that existing compliance solutions make achieving compliance almost impossible. Afterall, simply engineering and installing a BWMS or Scrubber does not guarantee compliance. Which is why Cleanship Solutions is the only engineering partner dedicated to offering all aspects of the compliance spectrum. From knowledge building right through the entire process, to ongoing training, with Cleanship Solutions, shipowners can rest assured that their compliance partner is dedicated solely to achieving compliance.

Our core Markets

Find out how we can help you achieve compliance:

Ballast Water Management

Since 2012, Cleanship Solutions has not only helped almost 50 vessels achieve BWMS compliance, but has also been a highly active member of the BWM industry, responsible for pioneering many of the modern approaches to BWM retrofitting and compliance.

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Exhaust Gas Cleaning

Closing in on 50 retrofit projects to date, across a diverse range of vessel types and scrubber systems, Cleanship Solutions is one of the market leaders in scrubber retrofit projects, helping shipowners worldwide achieve compliance.

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IHM / Ship Recycling

As a member of the KINSHIP2020 partnership, and with over 10 years experience in ship recycling, Cleanship Solutions can offer the industry’s largest global capacity for undertaking Inventory of Hazardous Material surveys for owners and operators worldwide.

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