in achieving environmental compliance…

Cleanship Solutions was established to make a change – to ensure that shipowners and operators were given honest and impartial advice in achieving compliance with environmental legislation. As a trusted advocate we place the interests of shipowners ahead of our own, and this clear purpose drives everything we do as an organisation.


Our story

Our heritage dates back to the late 19th Century, as part of the Malin Group, which can trace its ship owning and delivery roots back to 1899 – on the River Clyde in Glasgow, UK. Over the years, Malin Group diversified into several individual companies, which can be understood in more detail via our Malin Group Website.

Cleanship Solutions - part of Malin Group

Cleanship Solutions – part of Malin Group – Malin Group Head Offices at Iconic South Rotunda, Glasgow, UK


The roots of the Cleanship Solutions’ story dates back to the “early days” of ballast water management and exhaust gas cleaning compliance. In 2009, Malin Group began diversification into the retrofit market, and pioneered some of the early market approaches and industry knowledge on the retrofitting of both ballast water management systems, and exhaust gas cleaning systems.

The multi stage feasibility / compliance system comparison was largely pioneered by our young team – carrying out a range of system comparisons in the early days of compliance industry – when very few technologies existed.

Our team worked closely with various shipowners from various sectors of the marine industry – particularly those with complex and “niche” vessel types. We published several industry leading editorials on the concepts of retrofitting, and, crucially, the many issues facing “niche” shipowners in complying with what was, then, forthcoming legislation.

Our continued involvement in various industry panels and expert groups, including being founding members of the IMarEST Ballast Water Expert Group, positioned us at the forefront of the environmental compliance industry. Our involvement also allowed us to ensure that the voice of the “niche” vessel owners and operators, particularly those that had been largely ignored (owners of vessel types which would struggle to comply via conventional methods), was heard at appropriate levels.

In 2012, Malin Group formally announced Cleanship Solutions – a new dedicated company specialising in retrofit engineering and environmental compliance. Our mission is simple – to offer truly impartial compliance advice and assistance, and to assist owners in complying in as cost efficient a manner as possible.

Since 2012, Cleanship Solutions has been providing unparalleled impartial compliance advice, assistance and retrofit engineering & installation support to a significant range of vessel owners, operators and vessel types.

In more recent times, Cleanship Solutions continues to diversify and disrupt the environmental compliance industry – consistently introducing industry defining tools and capabilities – such as our combined retrofit & IHM compliance surveys, or our Cleanship Academy – the industry’s premier location for environmental compliance training.

If you are new to our site is full of information on all aspects of retrofit engineering and environmental compliance. Here are some tips for finding the information that best suits your needs:

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