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Throughout the 13 year life cycle of global ballast water management legislation, one thing has remained constant – the lack of any clear and concise effort to help the real stakeholders of this legislation – vessel owners and operators – in achieving cost effective and practical compliance.

While there have been multiple guides published by Class Societies and third party commercial publications – to date, there have been very few tangible, practical guides specifically targeted at owners and operators on where to start, how to comply, and the retrofit approach required.

In reference to our consistent dedication to helping vessel owners and operators comply with environmental legislation as cost efficiently as possible, Cleanship Solutions has done just that – and has developed this industry defining guide to ballast water management compliance.

Our guide is unlike any other. It is crammed full of compliance knowledge, practical retrofit guides, ludicrously useful planning tools and unique distinctions and considerations that have been culminated from over 5 years and tens of thousands of hours helping other vessel owner s and operator s comply effectively and efficiently.

Our guide is designed to provide you with the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years, to help you avoid common issues and pitfalls, and simply obtain compliance without the hassle.

What’s Included:

Chapter 1 – Ballast Water Management Legislation

Covering IMO Ballast Water Convention, USCG Final Rule and US VGP

Chapter 2 – Compliance Methods

Covering ballast water exchange, treatment and alternative methods fo compliance

Chapter 3 – Quick Start Guide to Planning for Compliance

A fantastic 10 step process on getting started with compliance, complete with unique and powerful compliance checklists

Chapter 4 – The Retrofit Process

Including a comprehensive summary of the six stage retrofit process, benefits of feasibility studies, a deep dive into retrofit installation approaches, timescales and unique template Gantt charts for use in compliance planning

Chapter 5 – The Ten Step Guide to Selecting a Ballast Water Treatment System

A thorough guide to selecting a ballast water management system based on our extensive experience in assisting owners and operators in doing just that – avoid common pitfalls and major issues when selecting a system

Chapter 6 – Developing Ballast Water Management Plans

Includes guidance on the concept of the plan, developing plans for exchange and/or treatment, sediment control & disposal as well as approvals and implementation

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