• Native to – Northern Europe and Asia
  • Invaded – The North American Great Lakes
  • Means of invasion – Likely through ballast water tanks
  • Impact – Reduction of native species

The Eurasian ruffe is a small fresh water fish native to Northern Europe and Asia. The ruffe definitely makes up for its small size by embracing its innate aggressive nature which is further enhanced by its large spiky dorsal fin.

Likely through the means of ballast water tanks, the ruffe has managed to travel to and inhabit many foreign waters around Europe and more recently has even managed to make its way to the North American Great Lakes.

The ruffe’s introduction to the Great Lakes has and is continuing to cause great ecological damage. This is mainly due to the ruffe’s ability to reproduce at a much greater rate than any of their competitors, resulting in the ruffe’s dominating the food source and leaving sparse quantities of food for the native fish. Ruffe’s also have the capability to sense water vibrations in which gives them an advantage over other native species when it comes to avoiding predators.