"Existing compliance solutions make achieving compliance almost impossible"

Which is why Cleanship Solutions offers the industry's only end-to-end compliance solution...


The Compliance Spectrum

Simply engineering and installing a BWMS or Scrubber does not guarantee compliance, which is why the Cleanship Solutions compliance spectrum is the industry’s only truly end-to-end compliance solution – helping ensure shipowners and operators plan, execute and achieve long term environmental compliance.

Selecting Cleanship Solutions as your compliance partner provides access to our full spectrum solution, including:

Stage 1

Knowledge Building & Industry Events

Access to our Industry Defining Publications

Cleanship Solutions has been dedicated to furthering the compliance knowledge of the entire industry and debunking many of the inaccurate “myths” of compliance for years.

Indeed, it is our belief that the only way to help shipowners and operators avoid the many pitfalls in the compliance process is to share our almost decade of experience in solving these issues directly – saving countless hours and dollars.

As your trusted advocate in achieving compliance, we provide unprecedented access to our wide selection of publications, articles, guides and training materials, all designed to help shipowners and operators in planning for achieving compliance.

VIP Entry to our Unique & High Impact Conference Events

At Cleanship Solutions, we live up to our dedication to helping owners and operators plan for compliance – by hosting our own, exclusive and by invitation only compliance conferences and events around the world.

CleanshipCON is our flagship event, where we build a full day conference program around the pertinent compliance challenges facing owners at the time, and frame a fabulous range of internal and external speakers around each topics. Whatsmore, we cover all three of our core markets in one day – essentially making it three conferences in one!

Combined with incredible social activities on the day, CleanshipCON is fast becoming the most sought after compliance conference on the circuit.

Stage 2

Vessel Surveys, 3D Scanning & Testing

Save Thousands with our Unique Combined Survey Approach

With Cleanship Solutions, you get access to the industry’s only combined vessel survey solution – combining retrofit surveys (BWMS or Scrubbers) with 3D scanning and IHM in one single visit.

By combining these services, not only do Cleanship Solutions provide the industry’s most trained, qualified and experienced specialist survey teams, but we also minimise the disruption and costs of mobilising multiple teams around the world.

With our combined services – we only have to mobilise one team for one visit – reducing compliance costs by as much as $15,000 per vessel.

Access to our Worldwide, Cleanship Certified & Quality Controlled 3D Scanning Teams

Cleanship Solutions has the industry’s most qualified, reliable and experienced 3D scanning teams worldwide.

Subcontracting retrofit 3D scanning to just any old terrestrial 3D scanning company is a recipe for disaster. At Cleanship Solutions, our network of 3D scanning partners are the industry’s most qualified, reliable and experienced 3D scanning teams worldwide.

All Cleanship Solutions 3D scanning partners are obligated to undertake our qualification process, become certified in our Cleanship Academy, and shadow our core team for several projects before they become fully verified.

Stage 3

Detailed Engineering

Peace of Mind in our Market Leading Experience

Experience is one of the fundamental requirements of any reliable and efficient retrofit partners, and Cleanship Solutions has it in abundance.

Since our incorporation in 2012,(and on the back of our team’s retrofit experience stretching back to 2009), we have successfully completed numerous retrofit projects across, perhaps, the industry’s most diverse range of vessel sizes and types.

With almost 50 BWMS retrofit projects, and 30 scrubber retrofit projects, including some of the most complex retrofit projects undertaken in the industry to date, Cleanship Solutions’ experience speaks for itself.

A team of highly experienced compliance specialists

We take the role of trusted adviser very seriously at Cleanship Solutions, which is why our team is consistently considered industry experts in all of our core markets.

With almost 10 years experience in BWMS, Scrubbers and IHM, the Cleanship team has been involved in these industries since the beginning, and has been a fundamental part of industry development and the shaping of the solutions we collectively have today.

Our Cleanship Academy platform allows our staff base to develop and grow too, undertaking a host of internal courses, enabling them to become industry experts too.

Stage 4

Installation & Project Management

The Industry's Most Flexible Installation Approach

Cleanship Solutions differs from many of the larger retrofit partners, in that we do not directly employ our own riding squads / installation teams.

Rather, we offer a much more flexible and cost efficient approach for turnkey retrofits and installations, in that we have a global network of highly reliable subcontractors – all fully vetted against our highest quality standards.

This enables us to execute complex turnkey projects without the burden of the significant staff overhead – making us nimble, flexible and above all else, highly cost efficient verses our competition.

Project Managers with Experience of BWMS & Scrubber Retrofits

At Cleanship Solutions, we understand the importance of on-site supervision in the execution of any retrofit project, through experience of numerous turnkey retrofit projects.

We can provide a team of highly qualified and experience project managers to help oversee the retrofit project, regardless of the installation approach taken. Our capable team will oversee all aspects of the retrofit project, enabling the superintendent(s) to get on with their own workload in confidence.

Our site supervision teams are available worldwide.

Stage 5

Commissioning & Implementation

A Commissioning Process that Looks After Your Interests

The commissioning of ballast water management and scrubber systems has long been considered a “black art” and at Cleanship Solutions, we are determined to change this belief.

With a practical and efficient approach, Cleanship Solutions will oversee the commissioning of the new equipment in a manner that looks after the interests of the shipowner / operators.

Our experienced team will ensure that the manufacturer commissioning engineers complete the project with the full context of operation onboard, not merely running through their own checklists, and ensure the correct operational capabilities and procedures can be followed.

Avoid the Bottlenecks by Having the Support of Experience Commissioning Teams

With a network of highly qualified and experience commissioning engineers, Cleanship Solutions can also help address the anticipated commissioning bottleneck in the retrofit industry.

With such significant numbers of ballast water management and scrubber systems likely to be installed over the forthcoming years, it is no secret in the industry that manufacturer commissioning teams will be scarcely available.

Our Cleanship Solutions teams can fill that void, providing verified third party commissioning services at the convenience of owners and operators.

Stage 6

Ongoing Training & Operation

VIP Access to the Industry's only Dedicated Compliance Training Platform

As your trusted advocate, Cleanship Solutions understands that perhaps the most important step in the entire compliance spectrum is ongoing training. Afterall, an installed and commissioned system does not, in any way, guarantee compliance.

With the Cleanship Academy, all of your shore based staff, crew and management team can undertake the industry’s most diverse range of compliance training courses with ease – online, at any time, across any device.

Vessel Specific Training Courses & Pioneering 3D Immersive Training Technology

The Cleanship Academy can also be combined with our fabulous 3D scan data to develop the industry’s only vessel specific compliance training packages – using our Compliance Training Package (CTP).

The CTP offers a unique platform for onboard training, with an immersive 3D as-built vessel environment, combined with tagged objects, documents, videos and training exercises, to enable crew to become proficient and certified in the vessel’s new compliance systems, prior to joining the vessel. Its the surest method around to guarantee long term compliance.

The CTP can not only be made available on a ruggedised tablet onboard, but also online via our Academy e-learning platform – making it the most reliable and flexible training platform on the market.