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A reliable, flexible and proven retrofit process

Cleanship Solutions operates a proven and reliable retrofit process which offers our clients significant flexibility in their retrofit requirements. Our retrofit process has been carefully designed to enable shipowners and operators to get to an investment decision making point, fully informed of their compliance options, with minimal up-front feasibility costs (less than 1% of total retrofit costs).

Stage 1 – Vessel Survey & 3D Laser Scanning

In order to understand the technical implications of potential ballast water management systems onboard, the first step in our retrofit process is undertaking a vessel survey and 3D laser scan.

Our in-house team of highly experienced naval architects, marine & design engineers can mobilise at short notice to undertake vessel surveys and 3D laser scans onboard vessels globally. Our surveys generally cause no disruption to the vessel.

Our highly detailed 3D laser scanning equipment provides us with an accurate representation of the potential installation areas onboard, whilst our comprehensive technical checklists ensure our engineers capture all required data and drawings in order to undertake the second stage of our retrofit process – the feasibility study & system selection.

Ballast Water Management Retrofit

Stage 2 – Feasibility Study & System Selection

The second stage of our retrofit process is tailored to each vessel, and is designed to examine, analyse and objectively identify the most suitable BWMS option for the specific vessel.

Our feasibility studies incorporate a comprehensive system comparison – comparing the available systems on a purely objective basis – including CAPEX, OPEX and technical, as well as corporate viability. We compare all available systems on the market to ensure owners and operators are presented with an unbiased set of recommendations.

Our technical analysis is not merely based on technical information provided by manufacturers. Instead, we utilise the findings and 3D laser scan data obtained during a vessel survey, to undertake conceptual 3D modelling of the options available, and truly build a thorough understanding of the practicalities of retrofitting systems onboard.

Stage 3 – Detailed Engineering

Utilising state of the art 3D engineering software, combined with our extensive capability of undertaking and post processing 3D laser scanning onboard, enables Cleanship Solutions to carry out quick and efficient retrofit engineering packages, even on the most complex of retrofit projects. Indeed. Cleanship Solutions prides itself on assisting owners and operators of complex vessels in achieving retrofit compliance.

Our retrofit engineering & design outputs provide owners & operators with a comprehensive drawing and design package, suitable for a variety of uses:

  • Class Submission – for approval of retrofit design & proposed installation
  • Fabrication – full fabrication drawing package for structure, pipework & electrical
  • Procurement – comprehensive BOM (bill of material) for procurement purposes
  • Installation – overview and layout drawings for retrofit installation

With drydock time and budgets limited, Cleanship Solutions fully understands the necessity to ensure any retrofit installation is carried out efficiently. With our extensive experience of a range of retrofit projects, we ensure that the majority of new structure and pipework is designed for pre-fabrication, leaving only a small number of closing pieces to be finalised during installation.

Stage 4 – Procurement & Pre-fabrication

From experience in a variety of turnkey retrofit projects, Cleanship Solutions can undertake the procurement and pre-fabrication of any required elements of a BWMS retrofit project, including:

  • BWMS & associated equipment
  • Pipework fabrication
  • Structural fabrication
  • Electrical procurement & bespoke manufacturing

Indeed, our in-house fabrication capabilities enable us to offer a highly competitive service for all aspects of fabrication. We can also delivery the entirety of the procurement and fabrication package to the vessel or shipyard forease of installation thereafter.

Stage 5 – Installation & Project Management

Our retrofit expertise and capabilities don’t stop at retrofit engineering. Indeed, Cleanship Solutions offer market leading retrofit installation services – including turnkey ballast water treatment retrofit projects.

Combining our own in-house (Malin Group) installation personnel, with a network of key partners worldwide, all under supervision of highly trained and experienced project managers, Cleanship Solutions can undertake retrofit installation projects whatever the scenario, including:

  • Riding Squad – providing qualified, experienced riding squads for retrofit installation worldwide
  • Quayside – full installation teams & associated mobile equipment/manufacturing facilities for installation during quayside stay
  • Shipyard / Drydock – working in conjunction with the shipyard, Cleanship Solutions can provide comprehensive shipyard based retrofit installation

All of our installation teams are highly trained specialists in their respective disciplines, and experienced in the idiosyncrasies of retrofit installations. Our global partners are all fully audited under our approved ISO:9001 and ISO:18001 QAHSE system, to ensure quality standards match our own.

For vessel owners / operators looking to contract a drydock to undertake the physical retrofit installation work, during a scheduled drydocking, Cleanship Solutions offers flexible project management and site-supervision services. Our highly trained and experienced project managers can undertake all aspects of onsite supervision of the retrofit scope, working with the yard, ensuring that all installation is carried out per the approved design package, and protecting an owner’s best interests.

Our project management services can also be applied to newbuild projects, where owners are concerned about the installation of the new ballast water treatment system, or exhaust gas cleaning system.

Stage 6 – Commissioning

Cleanship Solutions, through cooperation within Malin Group, can offer a range of ballast water treatment system commissioning services for both vessel owners / operators, and ballast water treatment system manufacturers.

Vessel Owners / Operators:

Whether it be newbuild installation, or retrofit installation of ballast water treatment systems, Cleanship Solutions can provide a range of ballast water treatment system commissioning planning and oversight services. Contracting an independent commissioning supervision entity provides owners / operators with peace of mind and an independent witness that the ballast water treatment system has been retrofitted correctly, and is functioning as intended.

System Manufacturers:

With the anticipated growth of the ballast water treatment market, Cleanship Solutions is offering ballast water management system manufacturers a range of third party ballast water treatment system commissioning services, including:

  • Commissioning Planning – comprehensive commissioning planning & assistance with commissioning strategy on niche or unique vessel types
  • On-site Commissioning – third party commissioning teams to undertake commissioning services and assist manufacturers with coping with anticipated industry demand
  • Commissioning Witnessing – Independent third party commissioning witnessing for yard / retrofit installations

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