Inventory of Hazardous Materials

Achieving IHM Compliance Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

Part of Kinship2020 - The Global IHM Solution

Cleanship Solutions is part of the KINSHIP2020 program, in conjunction with Metizoft, Adviesbureau van de Poel BV and 05 Marine.

Set up to help address the challenges facing ship owners in meeting the IHM deadlines, and the lack of trained professionals with the unique combination of having marine asset knowledge and hazardous material identification skills, the KINSHIP2020 partnership provides the skills, expertise, experience and resources of members of KINSHIP2020 group to offer a high quality and trusted IHM service worldwide.

The Combined BWMS, Scrubber &Inventory of Hazardous Materials Survey....

We are continuing to disrupt the environmental compliance industry by offering the industry’s only Inventory of Hazardous Material survey combined with a Ballast Water Management system, and/or Exhaust Gas Scrubber system survey & 3D laser scan.

By combining these services, not only do Cleanship Solutions provide the industry’s most trained, qualified and experienced specialist survey teams, but we also minimise the disruption and costs of mobilising multiple teams around the world.

With our combined services – we only have to mobilise one team for one visit.

The Cleanship combined survey process can reduce the compliance costs for owners and operators by as much as £10,000 per vessel.

Our qualified team know ships inside out...

The problem with many IHM compliance contractors is that they have merely diversified from onshore hazardous material experience into the marine market – leaving significant gaps in basic knowledge and understanding of ships.

The Cleanship Solutions IHM team is not only highly qualified in IHM execution, but is also vastly experienced in the marine market. Indeed, most of our IHM team are also retrofit specialists, offering vast experience across many years of surveying a variety of vessel sizes and types.

Our team also includes a range of background exeprtise – including naval architects and marine engineers, offering a comprehensive background in the marine industry.

Global Experience &Project Execution

Cleanship Solutions is experienced in completing IHM projects globally, with our efficient and seamless approach. Our HQ based team are available at short notice to mobilise globally, whilst a key network of global partners allows us to complete IHM projects wherever they are required.

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Stuart McKenna - Cleanship Solutions Technical Manager for IHM /Ship Recycling