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Exhaust Gas Cleaning & Ballast Water Management Compliance

Cleanship Solutions’ mission is to provide 100% impartial, independent exhaust gas cleaning and ballast water management compliance advice, assistance and consulting to vessel owners and operators. Our services focus on combining our impartiality in the marketplace, with our industry leading knowledge and experience in retrofit engineering, to offer vessel owners and operators an unparalleled level of compliance assistance.

With experience in over 35 vessel compliance and retrofit projects, Cleanship solutions understands the critical nature of exhaust gas cleaning and ballast water management compliance, and insists on providing honest advice and recommendations.

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Some of the clients we have worked with:

Cleanship Solutions Exhaust Gas Cleaning & Ballast Water Management clients

Our compliance assistance services can be broken into two strands:

Exhaust gas cleaning & ballast water management compliance advice

Compliance Consulting

Ballast Water Management Feasibility studies

Feasibility Studies

Compliance Consulting

We’re here to help

Assisting vessel owners and operators in building an understanding of the compliance requirements, developing strategies, and implementing processes to ensure compliance is achieved, are hallmark Cleanship Solutions services.

Our consultancy services can include:

  • Conduct compliance workshops – for individual vessels or entire fleets
  • System selection assistance – impartial advice to help ensure correct investment decision
  • Develop ballast water management plans – to help ensure ballast water management compliance from entry into force
  • Evaluate technical offerings – including equipment technical suitability and retrofit installation proposals
  • Provide training courses / material – for crew, superintendents and on-shore personnel

Feasibility Studies

A better understanding of compliance implementation

Combining our broad experience of exhaust gas cleaning and ballast water management compliance across a range of vessel types and sizes, with our industry leading compliance knowledge, enables Cleanship Solutions to offer unparalleled feasibility studies. Our studies aim to provide owners and operators with an unquestionably impartial base knowledge of the compliance requirements, options available, and the impact of same to a specific vessel or fleet.

Our feasibility studies for implementation of exhaust gas cleaning systems or ballast water management systems, incorporate a comprehensive system comparison – comparing the available systems on many metrics – including CAPEX, OPEX and technical, as well as corporate viability. We compare all available systems on the market to ensure owners and operators are presented with an unbiased set of recommendations.

Our technical analysis is not merely based on technical information provided by manufacturers. Instead, we utilise the findings and 3D laser scan data obtained during a vessel survey (also carried out by Cleanship Solutions), to undertake conceptual 3D modelling of the options available, and truly build a thorough understanding of the practicalities of retrofitting systems onboard.

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